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JayGhee Gayo and Truesense Inc ; Leading forward

The BPO 'Business Processing Outsourcing' industry in the Philippines is now one of the fastest growing industries in the country as it offers more jobs and opportunities to Filipinos. Call centers all over the Philippines has helped uplift a remarkable percentage of the country's unemployment rate and now comprises almost 80% of the country's outsourcing industry.

Truesense Incorporated was spearheaded by JayGhee Gayo, who has worked hard and with at most effort to establish a continuously growing BPO company that provides quality services to its clients and is also dedicated to excellence and believes in the value of each individual or employee.

Boss Jay, as he is fondly called by the employees of Truesense Inc. makes sure that the company provides a working environment that is fun yet efficient. This would mean that the company is more like of a family where everybody has an equal chance to develop their skills and grow as an employee as an employee themselves. He has worked hard to give what is due to his employees and the opportunities that they deserve as well and that's the very reason why these people respect and believe him.

"When you're down, there's no where else to go but up." I remember how Boss Jay would keep the fire within the spirit of his personnel burning. He would always remind us that being positive is the key to overcome every obstacle. To those who are in Truesense, Boss Jay is someone who they can run to or talk to. His words always burns with passion,confidence and truth and it is the very reason why Truesense exist and continuous to thrive.

However, as an employee myself, I believe a certain connection between the managers and his personnel must exist and this itself has been established by the managers of the company making every department connect with one another like a sister to a brother. Indeed, Truesense Incorporated is not just any company or workplace, It is more like a tight family and a home.
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Anger Management 101

Remember that Adam Sandler Movie where the protagonist Dave Buznik was convinced that he had some anger issues? Well, If ever you didn't, just read this WIKI article about it then. (I know! Wikipedia is a 'Know it all!')

Alright! So you probably had experienced a certain time when you felt blood gushing up your brains and you were suddenly blinded by overwhelming emotions of doing something not very, very nice just because somebody pissed you off. Well kids, that's called anger, and anger itself is a good friend of mine.

I remember this certain time when I have to sit in between two guys playing online games in an internet cafe. They were like yelling and telling each other what to do or where to go! and f*ck! 'Pedro bakbakin mo na pedro!!!! tan*ina 102 yung level o imposible!!' and 'la na ku goldcoins! pakick mu yung browler bilis ubus na life ko!'... their voices were like all over the place and I just want to knock their heads off and say, 'anong silbi ng gaming chat mga g@g0! tumahimik kayo'

You see, life is full of anger activating stimuli like for instance, ogres who'd love to tell what you should do even if you're obviously doing things right, an insensitive girlfriend who will do nothing good but rip your pockets down to 'beggarness' or a -Drag me to hell- apartment with very, very noisy neighbors with attitude issues.

If ever you'd ask me how do I manage anger, here are the things that I do and some which I was just told to do... (I am a professional so please don't do some of these at home.)

1) Punch a concrete wall- once the pain comes in, you'll definitely forget being angry.
2) Punch someone you know who wouldn't fight back- (My favorite) This really works! Trust Me!
3) Eat!- it might make you fat but who cares!
4) Drink something very cold- I don't think this'll really work but they say it will.
5) Say Goozfraba all over again until the anger devil leaves- Anger Management Movie.
6) Pray and contemplate- I do this all the time. ;)
7) Relax. Breathe like as if you're in midst of a green valley with flowers blooming and butterflies fluttering nearby. (this is so gay!)
8) If these won't work then read my blog... Just in case.

Well folks, I hope this was useful...:D
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What about the Author

Dear Reader,

To be honest, I really don't know what to say about what I'm like and I just don't know why.
It's not because I don't know myself in the same way that a lot of people would know who and what they're like and maybe it's just that I don't pay too much attention to who I am or to what I'm like...
Well of course that's not true at all! I DO PAY ATTENTION TO WHAT I AM and when I say I do, I really mean it and if ever you'd ask me a common job interview question like; 'TELL ME SOMETHING ABOUT YOURSELF WHICH IS NOT IN YOUR RESUME?", then here are things that i might possibly tell you:

1) call me Carlo- it's just half of my real name but I like to be called this way because it sounds old fashioned and I like old fashioned things like the cuckoo clock in my Grandaunt's house and a piece of an old broken deer antler I once found on near a river. Anyways, In reality though, a lot of people call me by the other half of my name which sounds more like that of a girl's. The sad thing is I didn't have any choice but to be used to it.

2) I like to travel- to find new places not too many people know or have been too. Strange places like the magical world inside one's wardrobe, or the land of trolls and lizard-people on the edge of Dark Sea of Darkness or the humble nation of Fanelia that has been guarded by land dragons for a thousand years.

3) I love animals. I had a pet praying mantis once and one day it just stopped moving... I know that it doesn't move a lot so it took me a few days to realize it was already dead. My uncle also sent me a pair of flying foxes which are actually very huge bats. My father didn't like them. He said they might have rabies. Once I found a small turtle when I was kid but my pet crab killed it. I eventually killed that crab.

Anyways, Coffee Cream and a Tumbler is about my adventures or misadventures. It's about my life and my job and how I deal with everyday dragons and witches and damsels in distress trapped in a door-less tower guarded by poisonous hummingbirds and carnivorous unicorns. This is more like a guide to Life and how to deal with every possible situation that would pop out of nowhere and would make us feel clueless.

This is my story and maybe (just maybe) it might be just like your's. :)